Friday, September 10, 2010

Is it Fall Already?!

It's DownTown Art Market Time!

I took a break from displaying at our local artist market for the summer hoping to spend the time creating all new masterpieces. Greats plans, right. Well, I am a good planner, just not a good finisher. But don't worry, I will have earrings galore!

So instead of working with the bottles of beads stacked to the ceiling on my current "work space", I spent the summer with my mother cleaning out kitchen cabinets, reminiscing with each item pulled from the dark corners. We were successful in our endeavor of getting the stuff out of the kitchen. Now Phase II: cabinets...maybe new tile......

Needless to say Phase I is complete but Phase II is still in the works. On to the garage. Yeah, I can now open my car door without incident. Onward and upward...

We have now moved onto our shared studio space. Of course our 700+ foot studio has been the dumping ground for more than a year. So the time has come to dig in and put all to rights. With each item touched, projects jump to mind...but there is no space to follow through at this moment. Why is there so much to do and not enough time to do?

Maybe getting back in the grove and spending the weekend with my fellow artists will inspire mountains to be moved in the studio.