Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 31st

5th Friday on the Square in Slaton, Texas
May 31, 2013
Multiplicity Art Gallery
157 S.9th Street
6 - 9 pm
Celebrate Multiplicity's ONE Year Anniversary
Food, wine, cake,
art and gift certificate drawings all evening long
Take time to explore the many merchants on the Square
Slaton Bakery, Junk Queens, TownSquare Antique Mall
and many art galleries
I got to dress the front window of the gallery for June. It is a display of my art jewelry. After watching this season's guilty pleasure, PBS's Mr Selfridge, I have just been dying to do some window dressing. Henri and Agnus make it look like such fun. Since I left the world of retail, I don't get to do much merchandising and arranging. My art gallery pals and I have been sharing a booth at the Antique Mall in Slaton to drive some traffic over to the gallery. I got to do the arranging in April and had a blast. So the gallery window was just a continuation.
I got some new items finished that I included in the display. I am still working on my man jewelry line. I am bound and determined to make some manly man jewelry. Lance has been my new hope of inspiration. But masculine aesthetics it so far outside my box. Everything I make turns out to be so fine and delicate despite my efforts to use heavier materials and manly iconigraphy. But each piece does get a little better. Lance is modeling two new creations in the window. One he likes, the other - not so much. That's ok. Everyone has their own style and taste. But I am always looking for volunteers to try out prototypes and give me their opinions. Let me know what you think.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Yes, I'm Still Here...

I have been so busy in and out of the studio this spring, I have neglected my blogging. Have had four successful copper earring workshops. This month's workshop is this Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Multiplicity Art Gallery, 157 S.9th Street, Slaton, Texas, 2 pm. The Gallery has a new teal strip along the awning so you can't miss it.

My new obsession is Pinterest. Thanks, Annette for starting me down the path of pinning nonstop! Love to browse and see what everyone else is creating. I never seem to take pics of my jewelry to show and share. I sell it faster than I can catalog it. I am thinking I need to streamline my studio so I take a picture before I card and sign each pair.

As soon as I can figure out how to include a Pin to link to my Pinterest page, I will do that. Meanwhile, I am pinning as bstreet studios. Follow along as I scour the web for re-purposing projects, funny animal pics, how-tos for home and work, and of course lots and lots of jewelry. I am also a serious foody, so I have several boards dedicated to recipes. Some day, I plan to make them all, but for now, I can look at the pictures and drool.

The next big event coming up is Llano Estacado Clay Guild's annual Wine and Clay Festival at Llano Winery. It is just around the corner. The dates are set for June 8 & 9, 2013. We are making the final arrangements to host an awesome event this year. We will have some new artists and food vendors. Mark your calendars now and plan to come out have some wine, eat some food, and buy stunning art.

The June Earring Workshop will be June 22, 2013. There have been requests for copper pendants to go with all the copper earrings and more etching. So I am making plans for the summer and fall classes to include all that and more. Maybe some painting and/or mixed media...