Friday, March 29, 2013

Challenge: Resin Bubbles

So the readers of Lorelei's Blog ( were issued a challenge...create something with these resin bubble slider bars available at Michael's Craft Stores in teal or purple. I accepted the challenge for several different reasons. I don't use slider bars, I don't do resin, and I wanted to stretch my artistic muscles in a new direction. With that in mind, I started with one package of the purple bubbles but eventually returned to Michael's and used my handy dandy coupons to purchase more purple and a package of the teal.

I completed four necklaces for the deadline of this challenge...but have so many more designs that I did not finish...I can't wait to get back to work!!

I am not the best blogger, or should I say, not the most regular blogger. I have also found I am not the best photographer when it comes to my jewelry. Many times I sell it faster than I can take pictures of it. My goal for this year was to have a bigger web presence...Pinterest, etsy, better blog, website. But I am finding that the photo issue is stalling my efforts to move forward. I feel that poor photography has hampered the magnificence of my completed resin bubble projects. So just know, blog hoppers, all four necklaces are spectacular in person. But I guess you will just have to take my word on that. I invite you to stay to the end despite the deteriorating photos.

First Up: Purple

The first pic is hanging on my mannequin so you can see the drape of the beads and such. The next two I think show the color combinations in a better light. I used the slider bar as base to display a variety of purple and pink beads at varying lengths. It is suspended on a plain gold chain.

In my work, I use natural, wood, stone, starting with the resin piece was a big step outside my box.

Purple Project #2:

Step number two for working outside the box was to go asymmetrical. I had these totally awesome faceted purple amethyst beads that I thought echoed the color and texture of the resin bubbles. I added some big gold ovals, purple cotton cord, a reclaimed gold chain, and a single gold flower button as an accent. Although I was going for some asymmetry, I created this necklace with the resin bubbles as a straight line anchor. Getting closer to busting out of the box!

Now on to the Teal...

Finally used the slider bar as part of the line of the necklace instead of being the star or the anchor. I used hammered gold circles, a hammered toggle, a line of sparkly teal and gold beads all mixed with teal ribbon and rat tail satin cord to set off the felted blue butterfly. Asymmetry takes flight.

Teal Project #2

Here is where the photos took a turn for the worst. I am going to try and re-do them so you can see the actual component you stopped by to see.

I used the light teal rat tail satin cord to suspend the main attraction. I found these great gold butterfly buttons to march up the side interspersed with hammered discs. I once again used the slider bar as a part of the overall flow instead of using it as the focal. The star of this show is the reclaimed cloisonne earring with the teal butterfly. I was amazed that the color matched so well.

I am not totally done with this component or what it can teach me. I will go back and try to use the slider bar in a bracelet design...or in a multilayer necklace...or oohh, oohhh, ooohhh, how about stacked together as a large focal. The ideas are endless. I can't wait to see what you all did with the same unassuming component.

I hope you all enjoyed my stop here on the resin bubble slider bar challenge. Thanks to our hostess Lorelei for putting forth the project idea and making it possible for us all to join in the fun. Thanks for a great time...and some brain strain. I look forward to the next challenge and what we all can do with it.

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

This and That

Second copper earring workshop was just as successful and fun as the first one. I had a few repeat participants and a few new ones. I was so excited to see the different designs and color choices. Everyone left with a completed pair of earrings and no two pairs looked the same. I can't wait for next month, April 27, 2013!! Please call or email me if you would like to join in the fun. Space is already filling up quickly for April's workshop.

Participating in a blog hop for the first time this week. One of the blogs I regularly read posted a challenge using a component from Michael's, one of my regular haunts. I purchased just one set but have had so much fun I am thinking of heading out to get the other color to see what other creations I can make before the big reveal on Friday.

5th Friday on the Square is this week in Slaton, Texas. I will be at Multiplicity Art Gallery all evening pouring wine, talking art, and laughing it up with all that come to visit. Please stop in to say hi, try on some earrings, and enjoy the view.

Don't forget to stop in at the Town Square Antique Mall in Slaton to see what the artists of Multiplicity Art Gallery have been doing. We all have a love of re-purposing and needed a place to show our wares. There is furniture, wall art, clocks, fiber art, name it, we have it. Our booth is the back corner. You can't miss it with the purple walls!

Have not taken many new pictures lately so I hope this one is not a repeat. I get a lot of comments about this pair of earrings...but somehow they are still on display at the Gallery. Which is actually fine by me because one of these days, I am just going to snag them for myself.

The objet d'art in the background is a copper and brass pin, or brooch as my college professor called them, I framed. That is a new thing I started doing so I can display jewelry without fear of it walking out the door. It is easy to hang on the wall, too, for different display options. I know some people actually show their hand-crafted art jewelry just like it was wall art, something to be admired and not hidden away in the jewelry box.

5th Friday on the Square
Friday, March 29, 2013
Slaton, Texas
Multiplicity Art Gallery
157 S. 9th Street
6 pm to 9 pm

Monday, March 18, 2013

Look Around Lubbock with FoxNews 34

Life has been busier than ever.

But wanted to share this little bit of fun.

The Features Reporter, Brittany Price, at our local FoxNews station asked me to do a whole morning of segments. So last Thursday at the crack of before dawn, we set up the camera and lights at Multiplicity Art Gallery in Slaton, Texas to film live six segments about me and my art work. The of the segment links is below for your viewing pleasure. I had asked Brittany if she wanted to bring me a few pieces of unused jewelry. She sent out an email to the office and gathered up a bag full of bits and pieces. In this segment, you will see what I made with the scraps from her bag of goodies. I sent with her back to the office the five pairs of earrings seen on the table. She said she took the black pair and the office ladies divided up the rest. It was a lot of fun spending time with her and her camera man Nick.

Look Around Lubbock: Recycling junk into jewelry