Thursday, June 6, 2013

Packing Up the Goods

Today I will be packing up the car for the show this weekend. Wine & Clay will be the first big show I have done this year. I participated in a few small events, restocked the Gallery, and dressed the window. This will be the unveiling of the newest of new work. I work around in the studio piecemeal. I make a pile of earrings. Then the next time I make and sign all the earring cards. Then I put the two together and pack them away. Some days it is necklaces that get made. Some days it is all I can do to clean a spot off to work. I have so many different kinds of projects going right now, I have work stations around the studio all piled high with pieces and parts and half-finished ideas.

Here is a look at the metalsmithing bench. As you can see, metal piled high. Tools scattered. Completed bits and pieces. And a few square inches to work. Oh, and even a receipt from Rio Grande to remind me how much I spent on that sterling silver!! But in the midst of the chaos is the  most important corner in my studio, the lounging corner complete with rocking chair and day bed. Sometimes I just need a moment to get away from it all. So a couple sips of iced tea while rocking in the chair, good as new.

Here are some finished pieces that came to the surface and are ready to move to the staging area to be prepped and packaged. This is the point at which I need to start taking pictures. That is the new goal. Photo ready area so I can segue from finished product to photo gallery to packaging. I just get so excited to see the finished pieces and want them ready to go, I just forget to get pics.
We had devastating thunderstorms last night so now I have to go outside and view the carnage of the yard. Maybe I'll practice my picture taking.

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