Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Art Business

So the business side of the art world is never done. I have spent this week emptying the car from the last show, cleaning up my storage area to put everything from the last show, rearranging my display stuff in the storage area in prepartion of the next show... I have a few appointments this week to delivery custom earrings to coordinate with necklaces that have already been purchased. I also have been lining up some little non-artist jobs so I have money to spend on my art supplies and such. Life is never dull!

Part of my art business this week has been that I received an email from a local restaurant looking for art to hang. I got really excited, forwarded this information to my local art community buddies, and then went to my picture folder to forward some pics of my own artwork. And promptly realized that I don't have any pictures of the artwork I currently have to sell. I only have pictures of artwork that is gone! Just another chore I added to the art business "to-do" list. I hope I can get some good pictures soon so as to take advantage of being displayed at the totally cool local eatery, The Funky Door, before all my pals take up the best spots!

In my picture files, I do have great pictures of my friend's work. Here is just an example of what Kathryn Millis Flanagan has to offer. This is from an event, Art Splash on the Square, we did together in Graham, Texas several years ago. 

Back to my "to-do" list!

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