Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two days Left

Brag Wall

This has been a topic of conversation lately. I went on a tour of a spectacular house in Amarillo, Texas. There was a wall of pictures and accomplishments of the past home owner. The tour guide said that the home owner was a modest woman and did not do this wall. It was done by someone else "because you just cannot do your own brag wall". I personally didn't agree with that thought. Just think of any professional's office you have seen. There is a wall of diplomas or pictures with special (famous) people.

When I was a kid, my mother made a scrapbook that included all my "accomplishments" and awards. There is a picture of me from the local newspaper. My old report cards, music programs, and contest critiques are all there. It is a walk through my childhood when I look at it. But at some point, it just ends.

At a recent event, one of the vendors came by to show me a full page write up about her business in a magazine. I was so excited for her and her business. I told her she needed to display it in her booth. She said she was having a hard time with that because she didn't want people to think she was bragging. I told her I would brag for her and promptly went to her booth to make sure the article was properly displayed. Why go to all the trouble to work hard and then not accept the accolades when they come. I don't have a doctorate. I didn't finish my bachelors degree. But I did complete an associates degree in studio art. It is framed in my office. I was on the front page of the paper several years ago. That is hanging on my bulletin board. My mom may not keep a scrapbook of my accomplishments since I became an adult, but I am. It is just a grown up version.

In getting ready for the Local Color Studio Tour this weekend, there have been many advertisements for the event. In today's paper there was an ad, and my necklace was featured in the ad.  I received an email congratulating me on my jewelry being in the paper. I ran down the street to get my own copy.  It is going on my brag wall.

 So for all of you that missed it, here is the necklace that was featured in the Local Color Studio Tour adverstisement in Wednesday's Lubbock Avalance Journal.

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